Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Safety Alert : Workers in Bakken Oilfield

With the recent explosion of a drilling rig near Beach, and numerous other explosions and fires in the past year, toxic and explosive gases have become an obvious threat. The dirty little "secret" of the ND Health Dept, ND  Oil & Gas and the oil companies is becoming very dangerous. I have never been to orientation for employment for any oilfield positions, but I can imagine if you were made aware of the gases you are exposed to on a daily basis, you would probably go back to your home state and work at Taco Johns. The lies of the leaders of the state of North Dakota are becoming more obvious by the days, pay offs and greed of the Oil companies involved are common knowledge. We are all casualty numbers figured on their profit charts. OSHA of course is there to protect you, but you first must know what is going on for them to help. If you take 5 minutes and read the following information if will make a life saving situation out of a corrupt lie. When strange health issues start from exposure, doctors have no starting point unless they know what the exposure is. Symptoms can be treated, with little success if exposure continues. Residents living in areas of oil & gas activity are exposed 24/7 with extreme health issues as a result, but without proper testing do not know what they are exposed to. The ND Health Dept refuses and have not given proper information to residents and workers alike, thus subjecting you to a very life threatening  situation.  Testing in the Bakken area have resulted in very horrifying results to what we are exposed to. Toxic, hazardous and carcinogenic gases such as Benzene, Xylene, Toluene, Chloroform, Methane, Propane and Butane to name just a few. There are of course the chemicals also released into the atmosphere from the drilling and fracking process. Knowing this information it comes to no surprise that a drilling rig would explode and threaten the lives of the workers. These gases are common for the Bakken and released in very high levels. The problem with the situation lies in the hands of the ND Health Dept, first they will not acknowledge that the gases exist for obvious reasons, danger and life threatening, if workers were told this, who would they get to come to ND and work? Second, the ND Health Dept is knowingly putting the residents lives in danger. Knowledge is the most powerful tool here, remember this information for future use when you end up in an emergency situation, it could save your life. Do your own research on the effects of these gases, contact OSHA, internet searches will also give you additional information. All these gases are explosive and over exposure can kill in moments, daily exposure will cause permanent damage to nervous system, immunity, blood, liver, and most important lungs and cancer.

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